Does Your Childhood
have any Secret Insight
to Your Purpose?

The sun tucked behind a cloud for just a moment as I rode down Morrison Street followed by a parade of dozens of neighborhood kids, horses pulling decked out red wagons, kids in costume, banners, all kinds of laughter and fun, and a well resounding chant of, “The Morison Street Parade! The Morison Street Parade!”

It’s a memory that often flashes in my mind as I think back on my life growing up. It’s one of those nostalgia laden glimpses into what can only be defined as a pretty damn good childhood.

This parade was my idea. And rallying my friends to pull this thing off became a defining moment that shaped who I am as a person.

Can you think back on moments like that from your childhood?

See, I have this theory. You can learn a whole lot about yourself and your life’s purpose by looking back on who you were and what you enjoyed as a child.

Think back, and notice what your interests, passions, and play themes were.  Because children are uninhibited, if they are allowed, they will draw naturally to activities that align with who they were born to be.  

Once you know your gifts it can be a clue into how to niche and brand in your business.  

Take for example, my parade organizing extravaganza. My desire to take charge to guide people toward a common goal has definitely carried forward in my coaching.

Even today…

  • I meet my clients wherever they are at and help them discover/ rediscover and leverage their strengths to build a solid foundation
  • I provide the guidance, expertise, support and accountability for them to achieve their goals memories, mindset, coaching, entrepreneur, mindset

My 'Perfect' Life: My Childhood

Of course my life wasn’t ‘perfect, but when I think back to my family it was pretty “ideal.” I had all my needs met, I had parents who loved and cared for me.  I had many advantages of being in a safe neighborhood and even privileges such as a built in swimming pool my dad built for us by hand.

I was raised with good Solid Christian values based on honesty, integrity, working hard, doing a good job. My parents were married, and were each other’s best friends.  I was raised middle-class.  My dad worked, and my mom stayed home with us and was an amazing homemaker.  Both my parents were hard workers. It was pretty beaver cleaver.

How I Went from Loving Childhood to Marriage of HELL

I had wonderful role models for parents, and saw what a marriage should be. So, when my first boyfriend asked me to marry him,  it seemed to be the next logical step. 

My mom’s married the first man who asked her to marry him, and it worked out beautifully, but because of this, she was unable to really prepare me for the horror of the one I entered in at only eighteen.

The marriage turned into twelve and a half years of absolute hell.  My husband was mentally ill, had a drug and alcohol problem, and a mean streak.  I encountered financial difficulty I’d never known, his drug and alcohol rages, emotional, physical abuse and neglect.  

And ultimately, I can count on my two hands the number of nights I didn’t cry myself to sleep, feeling the sheer agony and weight of my circumstances.

My Messy Life Continues:

(How I Became a Single Mom to 3 Special Needs Kids, I didn't Birth)​​

Together with my husband we had a daughter. When she was three years old, we parted ways. For 15 years I raised her as a single parent and career mom, and for the most  part she seemed to be a pretty typical and happy little girl. 

At 15, the switch flipped, (hormones kicked in??), and she has never been the same.  She went from a church-going girl earning $500 on her own to take a mission trip to help children in Mexico, to an out of control teenager. It took me many years to come to terms that like her father, she suffers from mental illness.  Her challenges with mental illness led to erratic behavior, suicidal threats and gestures, familiar tendencies I had witnessed in her father.  Once she ended up in the hospital from an actual suicide attempt (slitting her wrists), but thankfully, she survived.

She had and lost three children to social services because of her disjointed thinking and poor choices.  And ultimately, I adopted her three children, who are currently my own.

Maneuvering through the myriad of challenges in my marriage, my first borns troubled adolescence and early adulthood, and raising my three kids with special needs, helped me grow so much and led me to  co-author a best selling book, “Mastering Your Inner Game.” My story is about overcoming mental adversity, about my daughter’s tragic loss of not being able to mother her children, about a two year struggle to fight the system to keep my grandbabies, and how that tragedy turned into an ultimate life blessing for me and my three adopted children.

After I adopted my daughter’s three natural children, I reflected back on what got my through it all. I identified a framework of five things I relied upon to help me through.  These steps to resilience helped me stay sane in the midst of insanity, and are the same tools I use in supporting my clients to overcome business challenges and reach success. 

My framework of resilience includes:  Faith, support, boundaries, self-care, and taking the next right step (clarity).

How Unexpected Life Circumstances
Led to My Life's Purpose

Because I had paid off my home and had done some really good planning, I was able to retire from career and stay at home my my kids when I adopted them. For two solid years I stayed home exclusively to just be a homemaker and take care of my children’s special needs. When my youngest adopted daughter was three years old, I began my coaching business. I have found that working from home gives me the balance of having my own life and career while being present with my children. My unique family situation was even featured in the Book Amazing Mom’s Parents of the 21st Century by Hogan Hilling (Oprah approved Author, and Elise Ho)

Learning to Embrace the Messy

Through all the ups and downs, self-discovery, trials, and unexpected twists, I’ve pieced together and embraced a framework for resilience that leads to success.

And it’s because of everything I’ve been through that I am now so passionate about helping my clients crush their own barriers holding them back from the life and business they are striving for. - shawn henson

Are you ready to embrace your messy, and step into your ideal life? Let’s get better acquainted. You can follow me on social media here, and book a Free Clarity Session Here (where I will help you overcome the barrier that is keeping you stuck, and get you a breakthrough in just 20 minutes).

I look forward to getting to know you better:)